Thoughts From a Business Mentor

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Thoughts From a Business Mentor

Over my years as business advisor I have met countless people who want help with their business. While challenging at times, it’s often a very rewarding experience seeing somebody start or move forward with their business as a result of our conversations. As you can probably imagine the types of issues raised vary from person to person and business to … Read More

What is the True Cost of Hiring Your First Employee?

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What is the True Cost of Hiring Your First Employee

The decision to hire your first employee is a big one for any small businesses. It marks a turning point from being a solo entrepreneur to having to manage someone else. Your responsibility increases as they are now relying on you for their living but it also means that you can free up some time to concentrate on other aspects … Read More

Using Video to Effectively Promote Your Business

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Using Video to Effectively Promote Your Business

I have heard at many workshops and networking events of the opportunities there are for small businesses to use videos of themselves to promote their personality, knowledge, unique selling points and their working environment in a far more creative and colourful way than one dimensional words or images. There has been a notable shift over the past few years from … Read More

How to Legally Use Images for Your Business Website

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How to Legally Use Images For Your Business Website

It’s a fairly typical scenario. You’ve developed your business idea, refined your marketing message, acquired a great domain name and your website is nearly ready to go.  All you need now are some great pictures to support your carefully crafted words.  Simple, let’s grab a few pictures from Google images.  As long as there’s no copyright symbol you’ll be fine, … Read More

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business Success

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Business Resolutions

Aside from a lot of eating and drinking, coming to the end of the year is a good time for reflection but also to look forward to the possibilities for the New Year ahead. Most of us make resolutions with the best intentions of seeing them through but don’t always stick with them throughout the year. The influx of gym … Read More

Developing a Small Business: Tola Health Case Study

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Developing a Small Business Tola Health Case Study

Local business owner, Morag contacted us through the South West Growth Hub initially to get some help with developing her reflexology business, Tola Health. She had been trading for nearly two years at the time but wanted to grow her business to the stage that she could dedicate herself to it full time. We sat down and went through the … Read More