Ben Bailey, a director of Flyonix realised that they must improve their business and marketing strategy if they were to remain ahead of the competition. After recommendations from colleagues it was decided that Business Information Point could provide the support and advice needed to expand their online presence and generate more sales.

Having been one of the first businesses in their industry, offering a full range of film production services as well as manufacturing a range of specialist, remote camera equipment, Flyonix faced growing competition from companies able to grow more rapidly with a better marketing strategy.

“Our business was growing a lot slower than we predicted, and with most of our team coming from a more hands on background, we required support in the everyday comings and goings of business.”

With an expert advisor on board, a full business diagnostic was carried out to identify which areas needed to be addressed to move the business forward. This included support in applying for grant funding.

As digital marketing was going to be a key area to the business, Ben was referred on to the Superfast Business Programme to attend specialist workshops and support on how to maximise their business presence online to drive more sales.

Grant Success

The support Flyonix received from BIP led to a successful REG grant application via Devon County Council of £30000 as well as successfully applying for a Rural Growth Network Voucher valued at £400 towards their online strategy.

“The benefits of the support have been huge, we have seen a huge jump in our online presence, as well as more and more enquiries about our services each day.

Our turnover and shop sales have increased significantly over the last 6 months, which can only be put down to the advice and help we have received from BIP and their partners, and the knowledge we have gained from every aspect of their service.”

Although being in a highly competitive sector their reputation is now starting to grow and have recently been working on a new TV series with Fox and ITV with plans for the director to use them on new projects in the future.

“Our overall experience with BIP has been amazing, we have been given all the help and advice we could possibly need, and their advisors always have time to sit down and listen to ideas you have and give their advice on them. From simple things such as registering a new business to advanced online marketing, BIP has helped us 100% all the way!

If you are a small business and everything is starting to get on top of you, or you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact BIP, they can help you in more ways than you can imagine. They always provide a professional service and give the best possible advice. Don’t be scared to ask for help!”

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Please fill in your details below to have a friendly chat with one of our experienced business advisors to help start or grow your business.