4 Reasons You Should Have a Small Business Blog

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It’s no surprise that small businesses don’t generally have much money to invest in their marketing. In fact the average annual marketing budget for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is only £24,000. Coming up with cost-effective ways to promote your business that provide a good return on investment is key especially when budgets are so tight. While it’s still possible … Read More

Using Video to Effectively Promote Your Business

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Using Video to Effectively Promote Your Business

I have heard at many workshops and networking events of the opportunities there are for small businesses to use videos of themselves to promote their personality, knowledge, unique selling points and their working environment in a far more creative and colourful way than one dimensional words or images. There has been a notable shift over the past few years from … Read More

How to Legally Use Images for Your Business Website

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How to Legally Use Images For Your Business Website

It’s a fairly typical scenario. You’ve developed your business idea, refined your marketing message, acquired a great domain name and your website is nearly ready to go.  All you need now are some great pictures to support your carefully crafted words.  Simple, let’s grab a few pictures from Google images.  As long as there’s no copyright symbol you’ll be fine, … Read More

6 Practical Ways to Undertake Market Research for Your New Business

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6 Practical Ways to Undertake Market Research for Your New Business

One of the most important and challenging aspects of developing your business idea is conducting market research. Yet, to launch a viable, sustainable and successful product or service you need to be able to answer the following questions: In short, will you be able to make money from the venture? The marketing plan is probably the most critical part of … Read More

How to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring

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How to market your small business on a shoestring

Okay, so you’ve had a great idea, done your research, put your business plan together and now comes the day you officially start trading. Everything is good, right? Well not exactly. You might have created the greatest product since the iPhone but that’s no good if no-one knows you exist. So what do you do, especially if you’ve got little … Read More

6 Steps to a Great Small Business Brand

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6 Steps to a Great Small Business Brand

Often one of the first questions for any new business starting out is ‘how can I create a professional looking brand?’ Though most people understand that it’s a vital part of creating their business identity, fewer really know what goes into building a successful brand or how to achieve it. It’s certainly not something just for big companies and there … Read More