Become a Volunteer Business Mentor

Become a business mentor in Devon

If you have experience in business and want to give something back to the community then becoming a mentor could be extremely interesting and rewarding.

You will work with entrepreneurs under the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme to give their new business ventures a head start and use your knowledge and experience to really make a difference.

It is not time consuming and most mentors give around an hour or two a week at times to suit them.

We provide you with all the training and support you need to get started as well covering your travel costs.

Download our guide on becoming a volunteer business mentor.

Become a business mentor in Somerset

We are proud to be working closely with Cornerstone, a popular and successful mentoring service in Somerset. They offer training for new mentors which can be done online or through a one-to-one training course.

If you are interested in assisting new or growing businesses in Somerset especially if you have specialist business skills and experience in such areas as marketing, finance, legal and contractual, or Information technology then please get in touch with them.

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Testimonials from our mentors

  • As a mentor in the BIP mentoring programme, I have found the experience most fulfilling. It is an opportunity to put back into the community something of value drawing on my knowledge and experience as a business director. The reward of seeing an idea develop into a sound business plan is most satisfying. Meeting people from all walks of life, in a variety of industries is refreshing and I also learn something along the journeySue
  • I enjoy being able to put relevant skills, experience and expertise at the disposal of young people starting and running their own businesses. It is engaging and fun to help them progress and great to see them use this support to progress and achieve their goals.Declan
  • My experience as NEA Mentor has been very satisfying and informative. I have worked with, in particular, one man who at the start was at a very low point with little self-esteem and confidence. Whilst guiding him successfully through the process, I saw his confidence and business understanding grow resulting in the start of a successful small business. Six months later, his business was steadily growing and all other areas of his life were improving too. A positive new direction for the applicant and deeply rewarding for me!Sophie

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