Pathway to Net Zero Business Support

Free support for Plymouth businesses working towards Net Zero

The Pathway to Net Zero programme has been designed to provide free support for Plymouth-based businesses to adopt more environmentally conscious processes and move towards becoming net zero.

Funded by Plymouth City Council through the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund, the programme provides a combination of one-to-one sessions, workshops, and self-learning resources. We can help you with:

  • How to make your business practices more sustainable
  • Carbon measurement and free carbon audits
  • Developing a green workforce culture
  • Reducing your digital carbon footprint
  • Sustainability certification options
  • Creating an Environmental Management System.

The programme is fully funded, which means there is absolutely no cost to you. So, if you're keen to make your business more sustainable, and start proactively working towards Net Zero, we can help.

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This support is available completely free to anyone located within the Plymouth City Council City Boundary. If you're unsure, you can check by inputting your postcode into the Council Checker.


Unlock the benefits of going green

More sustainable doesn't mean more expensive
Quite the opposite. Reducing energy and water consumption and switching to greener operating methods could help lower your overheads. Plus, m
aking your business more sustainable doesn't necessarily mean a lot of upfront cost. Several of the major UK banks are now offering support to small businesses investing in green assets such as renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Leveraging growth
Appeal to existing customers or clients and attract new ones by showing you care about the planet.
70% of consumers surveyed1 on purchases across multiple industries said they would pay an extra 5% for a greener product if it performed as well as a non-green alternative.  

Appealing to existing B2B clients & attracting new ones
Sustainability is now inescapable for every business, and ignoring it could cost you your clients. By making your business greener, you’ll be more attractive to existing & future clients who are undergoing their own green transformation. 

Attracting investors
In a study conducted by Oxford University280% of mainstream investors now consider environmental credentials and criteria when choosing which businesses to invest in. So, by making your business more sustainable, you're far more attractive to potential future investors.

Make changes under your own steam
There will come a time when meeting the Government's Net Zero policies becomes mandatory, so put your business ahead of the game. If you begin by making gradual changes now at a pace that works for you and your business, you'll be in a far more comfortable position later on. 

Get the edge on your competition
Consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. Two million (42%) SMEs in the UK have started on the road to making their business fit for Net Zero3Don't get left behind. Getting ahead of the competition now will put you on a far stronger footing for growth and help future-proof your business. 

Why choose us to help you?
  • Our support is fully funded by the UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund, which means there's no cost to you.
  • Receive dedicated one-to-one advice with a locally-based business advisor who understands the needs of Devon businesses.
  • Get a free carbon audit from professional carbon accountants and subsequent tailored advice on how to reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Get free access to our sustainability workshops

Here are some of the workshops you can access when you join the Pathway to Net Zero programme.

Net Zero symbols printed on small wooden building blocks
Introduction to Net Zero
A guide to what becoming Net Zero means for your businesses and how to take steps - both big and small - to start reducing your carbon footprint.
Net Zero on a laptop screen in an office
Digital Net Zero
Practical strategies for reducing your digital carbon footprint, and exploring new technology that could benefit your business.
Sustainable business team
Developing a Net Zero Workforce
Learn how to create a workplace that contributes to a sustainable future for your business.
A hand holding a sustainable certification sticker
Sustainable Certification
Explore the distinctions between Social Enterprise, B Corp & more, and work out which certification is right for you.
Sustainable Marketing
In a world where consumers are more conscious than ever, discover how to build a brand that resonates with authenticity.
The office and team of a sustainable business
Sustainable Business Practice
Gain insights into the key facets of sustainable business practice and learn practical approaches to foster growth.

Hear from clients we've helped

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The accountable body for this programme is Plymouth City Council, with business support being delivered by Business Information Point, Cosmic and Carbon Sense.

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1  McKinsey Quarterly survey. Forbes: Corporate Responsibility. 3 Aldermore's Green SME Index.