Peer Networks

Bringing SME's together for future success

Peer Networks is a national, fully funded peer-to-peer networking programme for SME leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success.

Locally this will be delivered by Business Information Point in Devon and Somerset.

The aim is to bring together a group of individuals to collaboratively work through common business issues, make valuable connections and realise new opportunities.

It will include weekly, virtual group sessions with 11 participants as well as individual business support with an experienced advisor.

The discussions with range from finance and HR to sales, marketing and more. Our expert facilitators will help to create a trusted support network that works for you. Helping you to build and strengthen your business and improve its overall performance.

The groups will meet on a regular basis and the conversation will be structured using action learning principles allowing everyone to learn from each other's successes, setbacks and practices.

At each session there will be the opportunity to report any results and feedback to encourage discussion between co-members. This helps everyone move forward on their challenges and learn from each other’s progress.


Facilitated peer networks based on action learning principles have many benefits for participants:

  • Building relationships and opportunities: The confidential sharing and exploration of real business challenges is far stronger than that created in standard networking and will open up future relationships and opportunities.
  • Developing leadership: Active involvement in the network will enhance the leadership capabilities, knowledge and confidence of business owners and entrepreneurs within the local region and help to build local connectivity and strength within the SME business community.
    • Adapting & building resilience: Discussion around the impacts of COVID-19 and gaining practical insights into how other business leaders have approached the challenges and opportunities will help build future resilience and understanding to adapt and evolve decision making.


    Who is it for?

    Peer Networks is open to any SME business that meets the criteria below:

    Mandatory criteria:

    • In operation for at least 1 year
    • At least 5 employees (places may be available for businesses temporarily with fewer than 5 employees)
        • An aspiration to improve
        • A turnover of at least £100,000

                Desirable criteria:

                • The potential to scale up
                • The ability or potential to export

                              Session dates

                              The sessions will take place on a regular, weekly basis (other than a one week break at the end of February). Participants are required to attend all sessions so please ensure you can commit before signing up.

                              As you can see from the testimonials below, previous participants have found the regular sessions to be very valuable and many have gone on to continue meeting after the end of the programme.

                              Here is the timetable of sessions:

                              • Thursday, 3rd February
                              • Thursday, 10th February
                              • Thursday, 17th February
                              • Thursday, 3rd March
                              • Thursday, 10th March
                              • Thursday, 17th March

                              What previous participants had to say

                              "As a business owner, I get plenty of advice but what’s great about the Peer Network is that the participants are in a similar position to you, have no axe to grind or no vested interest, and are keen to share their thoughts just for the reciprocal benefit of hearing your thoughts about their business. And the Action Learning ethos means that you follow up with real actions. Highly recommended.”
                              Brian – MM Ltd

                              "At first I thought, “Three hours a week? - I just don’t have that much time!”. Half-way through I found myself actually looking forward to the meetings and excited about the new tools I might come away with. By the end of the programme, we were all so pleased with the effectiveness that the group has developed its own ongoing programme so as to continue the invaluable learning environment. As an aside, I also experience increased confidence in communicating with peers who I now appreciate share lots of the problems I thought were unique to our business."
                              Oliver - General Manager of Tony Benger Landscaping Ltd

                              "The programme provided an opportunity to bring problems and challenges to a group of experienced business people. Being from different industries, they brought a refreshing perspective and enabled rapid formation of a new marketing plan which was in progress before the course ended. What might seem like time out was in fact high quality time on my business and of course, I was able to reciprocate ideas and advice to others."
                              Robert - Managing Director of M&G (UK)

                              "Absolutely funnels your vision into a practical solution to move your business forward.”
                              Saran - Blue Tree Homes Ltd

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