Starting Your First Business & Taking it Online

James Werb

Starting Your First Business & Taking it Online

As part of East Devon District Council’s ‘Adapt & Thrive’ programme, this FREE, two part workshop series will help you turn your business idea into reality as we take you through the fundamentals of starting your first business and how to develop an online presence. In response to Covid-19 and the changing scene for businesses in our region, Cosmic and … Read More

How to Legally Use Images for Your Business Website

Neil JoryMarketing, Website62 Comments

How to Legally Use Images For Your Business Website

It’s a fairly typical scenario. You’ve developed your business idea, refined your marketing message, acquired a great domain name and your website is nearly ready to go.  All you need now are some great pictures to support your carefully crafted words.  Simple, let’s grab a few pictures from Google images.  As long as there’s no copyright symbol you’ll be fine, … Read More